January 31, 2010


hellllooooo everyone...
Please update my link because I have a brand NEW BLOG

At the end of 2009, I decided to re-brand my business. This led to a new logo, a new blog and also a new website is on the way. This blog will always be a part of me & my business and hold a very special place in my heart. I will miss being here, but I am excited about my new look and new blog site!

Please stop by and check it out...

*This blog and all the photos/posts will remain online for continued viewing.

Have a BLESSED day~much appreciation for your support...cassandra-m

January 15, 2010


that has been there for me all along.
She picks me up if I fall & encourages me to go on.
She gives me genuine support when I need it most.
She gives me honest advice and freely shares her wisdom.
She's the voice has been there all along.
She is the one who tolerates my quirky little habits.
She accepts my artistic & creative personality
and never judges.

that shares my hopes & my dreams.
I can call on her to laugh with, cry with or complain to.
She gives to me, expecting nothing in return.
She shares her heart fully & completely.
And she always keeps my secrets.

I can always count on no matter what.
She pushes me to be better.
She loves me unconditionally.
She makes me want to be a better person.
She is my inspiration.
She is my lifelong best friend...

Today I say Thank You to God for putting her in my life and in this world.
Today I am grateful for her birth and today I celebrate it!
Happy Birthday my dear & beautiful sister...


I love you bunches....

January 10, 2010


After a week of being sick and dealing with the cold weather, I sat at my computer today and tried "imaging" myself somewhere else...somewhere warmer. Immediately I thought of Hawaii. So to perk myself up & motivate me to a happier place, I went through some of the photos I took on my recent trip there and picked one to share.

This particular photo caught my eye because of the beauty of the ocean & rocks, but also because of an emotional connection. I remembered standing there for probably half an hour watching the waves crash against the rocks. I remembered being so overwhelmed with this peaceful feeling. The freshest air I think I've ever inhaled filled my lungs, the bluest skies surrounded me everywhere and the most beautiful water danced below me against the cliff. I stood there with no cares...no worries...no stress...I was in a total state of peace & happiness. Nothing but calmness and warmth wrapped around my body. I especially liked the "warm" feeling I was recalling. So today's post is simply an image that will distract "my mind" from the cold weather we are currently having in Georgia and take me to that sunnier & warmer place I remember in Hawaii. :)

January 8, 2010


Well...a week has passed in the new year and it was definitely not what I had anticipated and not the way I wanted to bring in a bright energetic new year. My week has been filled with coughing, sneezing, fever, headache, runny nose, watery eyes, congestion, aches, chills, sweats & more. Uggggggggggg...a week of being sick. Definitely "NOT" how I wanted to start things off in the new year. With the weather now in the 20s and 30s, it has been hard to kick my cold & more difficult to feel like being productive. I've spent most days dressed like I'm on my way to the North Pole or the extreme opposite, depending on whether I'm hot or cold at the time. I've been extremely tired and at times felt like a bear in hibernation. My "to do" list has multiplied radically in the past 7 days, as I mark one item off, three more quickly appear. Getting work done has been difficult, it is much easier to just watch bad TV and groan about feeling horrible. Being sick has not been fun :( but it has made me appreciate that I rarely get sick & that I have many days of good health. :) For that I am thankful.

I didn't want to bore my internet friends with such a "blah blah blah" post, but I made a "New Year's Resolution" to "blog more often" in 2010! Even if nothing exciting is going on, I still want to share myself, my life & my business. Luckily I am not getting graded on the creativity of this post...ha.ha. LOL.

For now, just a sneak peak of what my bathroom counter looked like this past week...

To anyone in cold weather...stay warm and keep your medicines & hand sanitizers near.

January 5, 2010


My new year has started off with small reminders of what wonderful friends I have. I received this bookmark in the mail yesterday from my very dear & longtime friend, Traci. She told me that she saw it on New Year's Eve, immediately thought of me and then bought it. (She often does things like this that makes me smile.) It is the support of such amazing friends that inspires me and keeps me pushing myself & my business. Little small acts of kindness...make such a BIG difference to me.

I love the message on the bookmark and wanted to share it with everyone. These are my wishes for each of you too...

Wishing everyone a HAPPY & PROSPEROUS 2010!

January 1, 2010


Well 2009 has come to a close and another year of awesome-ness! I was so very blessed to have the most amazing clients this year. I am eagerly looking forward to what 2010 will bring. I have lots of new ideas, new products and new services I will be offering to my clients. It is going to rock!

I want to take a quick moment and say THANK YOU to all my past & present clients. I wanted to express my deep gratitude & appreciation for your trust & belief in me.

I put together a short slideshow of some of my favorite images of 2009. Although some of my clients requested that I not blog their photos, I want them to know I had tons of favorites from their shoots also. Here are just a few of my awesome clients from 2009. THANK YOU again EVERYONE!!!!


December 31, 2009


Here are a few of photos of Mocha I wanted to share for the last post in 2009...

This is Mocha's brother...his name is "MEOW" and he never gets his photo taken. So today I had him join us for pictures. He was happy.

He has the most beautiful eyes and an amazing color to his fur. (He is ever bit as spoiled as Mocha too...even though he rarely likes to get in front of my camera.)

Hoping everyone has a WONDERFUL and SAFE NEW YEARS!!!!